Above: Randolph Rogers, American, 1825–1892. Nydia, the Blind Flower Girl of Pompeii, after original model of 1855. Marble.135 × 73.5 × 92.5 cm (53 1/8 × 28 15/16 × 36 7/16 in.) Collection of Princeton University Art Museum. Gift of Dr. J. Ackerman Coles and Emily Coles. Place made: United States. y1945-274. artmuseum.princeton.edu Image: Marjorie E. Gage | Art and Intuition

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Why should anyone care?

​​As an editor, writer, and visual content producer, that's always the first question I ask myself when I approach a new subject—whether it's a person, place, brand, product, idea, cultural institution, artwork, good cause, or element of nature. Why, when all of our days are stretched beyond capacity, does anyone need to listen to this story—and act on it—now? 

A lifetime of looking, listening, and learning has taught me that the best stories begin at the precise point where art and intuition intersect. To create deeper, stronger, and longer-lasting connections, our messages must appeal to all the senses, hitting the sweet spots where perception and gut feeling merge.

Today, authentic, well-told stories have the ability to inspire and influence the buying habits, opinions, and emotions of people around the globe, via the print, broadcast, or digital platform of your choice. Words and pictures matter more than ever.

Through my editorial work and communications consultancy, I've had the privilege of interviewing fine artists and architects, antiques dealers and curators, home builders and interior designers, collectors and planners, naturalists and explorers, entrepreneurs and activists, authors and scholars, cooks and gardeners, travelers and influencers whose one-of-a-kind stories never stop inspiring. Together they've convinced me that talent and creativity require the discipline to act on intuition and the courage to share our private dreams with the people who can make them real. 

Why not share your story, too? 

—Marjorie E. Gage, Founder + Director

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