​​​Engage your audience. 

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​​We love a good story. We're here to help you tell yours.

Art + Intuition is a small editorial and communications studio specializing in culture, lifestyle, food, and travel. Our offices are based in NYC and the Hudson Valley, but our interests take us wherever there's a great story, meal, or message to be shared. We write, edit, and produce content for magazines, books, newsletters, catalogues, magalogues, presentations, events, video/TV, social media, and the web.

Whether we're staging photo shoots for consumer magazines or creating a slideshow, speech, or script to be delivered to a crowd, we make sure your words and pictures resonate emotionally and intellectually—person to person—with the connections who matter most to you and your business.

Our intuition draws us to stories about people, places, projects, products, passions, and pursuits that bring beauty, joy, and meaning to life. We value the original, artful, and extraordinary. We cultivate community.

We put your unique brand of creativity in context and help you find your editorial voice. 

Let us help you share your story with the world.